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Heat Pump Capturing Renewable Energy

Heat Pumps uniquely convert unused “ambient heat” into heat of utilizable temperatures, by inputting a very small amount of primary energy without burning fossil fuels as a source of CO2 emissions.

Moreover, Heat pumps need electricity that is only about one-fourth in order to collect “one unit of heat”. Therefore, heat pumps produce heat energy that far exceeds the primary energy consumed at power stations, even if the loss in the process of generation of electricity is taken into consideration. For these reasons, Heat pumps can dramatically reduce the damage to the environment.


  • Energy Saving
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Space Saving
  • Safety
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Comfortable
  • Heat Recovery

Applications: :

  • Domestic hot water, Space heating, Cooling for Bungalows, Apartments, Farm house, Villas
  • Sanitary hot water for Hotels, Hospitals, Leisure center
  • Commercial heating & cooling f or Buildings, Complexes etc.
  • Constant hot water for Swimming pool, Spa center
  • Constant temperature for green house, farms
  • High temperature Heat pumps for Drying & Steaming